YOU: Are a B2C tech company from SF or LA. Looking for a senior content strategist who can translate ideas into a clear strategy, calendar, campaign, and content. Need a writer who can turn your website, email, and blog content into something that your customers actually want to read. Bonus points for someone who can easily adapt to a new voice/tone, read your mind, and get the content right in the first couple passes.

Hi, I'm Jennifer Lowe. I'm a content strategist and I help tech companies create compelling, persuasive, and informative content. 

From nascent start-ups to established companies like Twitter and eBay, I've seen it all: launches, brand and product marketing campaigns, tentpoles, always-on, and everything in between. I've reported to Vice Presidents and managed small teams, and I've been in the trenches writing copy and sweating out every comma, period, and semi-colon. 

My sweet spot is developing B2C blog, email, and website content to help you engage with your audience and drive awareness, interest, and consideration. Currently, I work with eBay, XRC Labs (a NYC retail innovation accelerator), and Trellis Law (an LA law start-up making it easier to find California court records).

In 2018, I was named a Best of 2018 writer by P.S. I Love You, a publication. My original writing has been featured in Inc., McSweeney's, and The Bold Italic. Some of my best work has gone viral on and Quora

Professional Highlights

Most recently, I led the business marketing editorial team at Twitter in San Francisco. I developed case studies, research articles, and website content showcasing Twitter advertising best practices for marketers. 

Prior to that, I worked in corporate communications at eBay in San Jose, helping share the company’s story internally and externally. I also led eBay Inc.’s University Programs team to build and execute a new communications strategy and program that inspired and motivated managers and interns to succeed. 

I got my start in tech at a scrappy and quirky agency called ModSquad. I consulted for brands including Wella Professionals, Carnegie Hall, and BrandVia, and start-ups including Bling Nation, Superstar City, VIE the Game, and the Human Face of Big Data.

About Me

I grew up in a Bay Area suburb. My parents expected me to grow up to be a doctor; I did otherwise. I went to school at UC Berkeley, lived in San Francisco, and currently live in Los Angeles.

I live and breathe storytelling, and I've studied the greats from a variety of disciplines, including comedy, public speaking, acting, and screenwriting. I believe the best stories should move you, drive you to action, and help you see the world in a new way. I'd love to help you tell your story and reach your audience. Get in touch with me here.

Other Highlights

  • I'm a comedy writer, and have contributed articles to McSweeney's.
  • I consume way too many books, courses, talks, and articles about productivity, psychology, and personal growth. If there's a study for it, I've probably heard of it.
  • I'm an acting student at the Margie Haber studio and a screenwriting student at Script Anatomy in Los Angeles.
  • I studied public speaking with - and was a coach for - Own the Room, a learning & development training company for some of the world's top brands.
  • I spent a year practicing flying trapeze at Circus Center in San Francisco.
  • I'm an avid adventure traveler. In 2018, I spent 3 weeks training in Muay Thai kickboxing at a beach village camp in Thailand. Once, I solo traveled to Argentina for 2.5 months, where I backpacked the Torres del Paine, hitchhiked my way to the end of the world, and volunteered for an estancia in the pampas.