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I oversaw Twitter's freelance writers to develop research articles and case studies in the media and entertainment space. Articles showcased how brands, networks, and studios used Twitter in creative ways to reach fans.

Taco Bell and MTV let fans vote for Best New Artist in viral chatbot campaign

For emerging artists, the Best New Artist award at MTV’s Video Music Awards is an enormous opportunity to break through to new audiences. Not only is it a career game-changer for artists, it’s also a fantastic way for fans to participate in the awards show. In 2017, MTV (‎@MTV) and Taco Bell (‎@tacobell) teamed up to create a unique experience on Twitter that would let fans vote for their favorite nominated artist in Direct Messages.

People of Earth’s adopt-an-alien chatbot increases awareness and engagement

Get ready for a visit from another planet: For the second season of “People of Earth” (‎@PoE_TBS), TBS (‎@TBSNetwork) wanted to increase awareness of and interest in the show in an extraterrestrial way. To get people more personally engaged with the story, TBS created an out-of-this-world experience that would let people adopt an alien from outer space through a chatbot in Direct Messages.